SHEōil with DōTerra

I’ve been using essential oils for a few years now and what started out as a casual interest in the lovely smells has turned into so much more. When I started I had absolutely no idea about all the healing power contained within these little bottles of goodness nor was I aware that the essence of plants can be used as powerful and safe substitutes for everyday products including toothpaste, mouthwash and deodorant.

The dōTERRA On Guard® products range contain a powerful proprietary blend that supports healthy immune function when used internally and contains cleansing properties for external uses including safe cleaners. What a powerful non-toxic alternative!

Perhaps the most eye-opening products I have used is the salon essential hair care line. I have always had thick hair which couldn’t make up its mind between curly or straight and was often dry if not brittle. I am one of the few who hopes for slight grease and can go all week without washing but dread styling it for fear of damage.

I can honestly say that my hair has completely changed! It no longer takes ages to comb through it after each wash and styling time has been cut in half. My hair is free of split ends and so much more manageable. Complete game changer and I have even more relief knowing that I am no longer using toxic products on my scalp and hair.

By far the most amazing product I have stumbled upon for my health is the Lifelong Vitality Program. These vitamins and supplements have changed my energy levels as well as overall well-being. Unlike other vitamins I don’t feel nauseous after taking my vitamins for the day and I absolutely adore the supplements. One of my must haves each morning is Mito2Max which gives me the perfect morning energy boost and Copaiba Softgels for when I need extra support. There are many specialized supplements to choose from to complement any personalized daily vitamin regimen including cellular renewal, stress management, immunity or pain management boosters.

Finally, we get to the main hurrah… the oils. When I first started with oils, I assumed that they smell nice, and I’d put them in a diffuser and that would be that. I was so wrong. These little bottles heal internally as well as externally, they help me breathe when I’m congested, they make the air smell divine as well as clean, they can be used as perfume, can be applied topically for soothing of aches and pains, they can be used for cleaning and disinfecting, they can be used for cooking and seasoning. These are amazing for travel, meditation, yoga and the list goes on. There are many I would recommend but the most versatile oils come in the Healthy Home and Healthy Start enrollment kits!

The Healthy Home Kit has most of my favorite products including the shampoo and conditioner, the toothpaste and On Guard® cleaners and sanitizes as well as the top oils and a diffuser. If starting smaller the Healthy Start Kit is the perfect combination of oils along with a beautiful diffuser. The oils included in both kits are part of the Family Essentials Kit which I use daily including:

  • Lavender – perfect for a calming environment before sleep in the diffuser, soothes skin irritations and acts as a great secret ingredient in hot cocoa; one of my top three oils to travel with along with lemon and peppermint which luckily comes in a small travel sized kit called the Introductory Kit
  • Lemon – great alternative for lemon in water as it does not upset the stomach or teeth enamel over time, added to desserts it enhances fruity flavors and can be added to cleaning products for an extra boost
  • Peppermint – a life saver in the middle of the night when coughing won’t stop; I put a drop on my thumb and press it on the roof of my mouth and voila, coughing stops, also great for adding to my lip gloss to turn it into a lip plumper in seconds or add to hot cocoa for a peppermint twist
  • Tea Tree – soothes skin irritations, it works as a hand sanitizer, and I’ve used it to treat a mild nail fungus with great success
  • Oregano – this strong oil feels a bit harsh but if I have a sore throat I add one drop to a glass of water and gargle, I wouldn’t recommend it for small kids as it may burn but for us big kids, it works a treat; I use it for parasites (yes we all have parasites at some point) by drinking a glass of water with one drop of Oregano in it, topically and very carefully I’ve also used it on top of a toothpick to get rid of skin tags and sun spots but proceed with caution
  • Frankincense – quite frankly what doesn’t this oil do? I use this oil for mediation, I put it on my skin for sunspots and fine lines or just to get my skin to glow, I use it internally for cellular support and digestion, I use it in my diffuser to create a calm environment perfect for reading or studying
  • Deep Blue® – this little oil lives in my gym bag and nightstand for sore muscles, aches and pains, it is also magical ingredient in the Deep Blue® Rub and other Deep Blue® Products
  • doTERRA Breathe® – as the name suggests this is a great oil for congested nights and days, I either rub it on my chest or put it in my diffuser and for a soothing option I add some lavender
  • doTERRA On Guard® – this is the magical ingredient in a whole range of immunity boosters and disinfectants known as the dōTERRA On Guard® Products, I take it in water to keep my immune system strong, I add it to a water mixture to use as a room spray or hand sanitizer and it is the reason why I love the taste of the toothpaste and mouthwash so much
  • DigestZen® – I take this internally in water for upset stomach as well as a preventative measure for unusual foods, large meals or when traveling but if my belly is really upset, I put it directly on my belly for relief

Lastly, there is one additional starter kit that I want to mention called the Healthy Habits Kit which incorporates my favorites including the Deep Blue® Rub, the Lifelong Vitality vitamins packs, a few of the aforementioned essential oils (doTERRA On Guard®, DigestZen®, Frankincense, Lemon and Lavender) as well as dōTERRA Balance® which I find magical. I often use this oil as a perfume and love it for its calming properties. In addition, it is known to be a grounding blend for those jittery moments, and it helps with circulation. This kit also provides two supplements I use regularly including DigestZen TerraZyme® which is a digestive enzyme complex to help with digestion and PB Assist®+ which is a dual layer probiotic capsule to keep the digestive track healthy. The dual layer is spectacular because the first layer dissolves in the stomach and the second layer dissolves in the digestive track, so the probiotics get to where they are needed!

If you are curious and eager to find out how essential oils can be a great addition your life if not an alternative to products, you use every day then I welcome you to the team. Click on the image and become a member. While there are a large number of benefits to becoming a sales consultant including commissions there are so many benefits packed into each little bottle that just a Healthy Starter Kit can go a long way. Simply click on the link, then hit the “become a wholesale customer” link and follow the prompts.

Once your Healthy Starter Kit arrives and you have had a chance to explore how the products work for you then you might want to consider becoming an LRP monthly subscriber to qualify for the free oil of the month and/or get your vitamins delivered automatically, try out new oils, get exclusive discounts and offers as well as account credits to use towards shipping or sampling the full range of doTERRA products available. Most important is that with each membership comes a team with resources and helpful hints on how to make your home safer with cleaner, less toxic products.