Finding Dolores

Those of us who have had the universe knocking on our door, urging us to explore the mysterious world inhabited by the subconscious mind inevitably have a strange tale to tell of how we got to this point.

For me it started years ago but I really didn’t know it at the time. There was a friend of the family who was involved in my world in ways I was not aware of including playing the role Santa in my youth. He would take my ‘Santa” phone calls that I would make each year with my wish list. I was a very skeptical kid and didn’t trust my wish list be mailed without incident. The phone call felt more reliable to my six year old self so, ‘Santa’ would get on the phone and really hear me out and grant me my wishes properly.

Years later, ‘Santa’ relocated and was no longer around as much but one day while I was living in Dubai my mom received a call. She picket up the phone and there he was… ‘Santa’. He apparently talked and talked and talked her ear off about a new discovery he was passionate about. He had found Dolores. He filled mom in on all things Dolores Cannon including her love of regression and the remarkable healing information she had stumbled upon.

Mom listened patiently and decided that she absolutely needed to send the video to me. The most remarkable thing about this story is not that it got passed down from one person to another the way stories do. What is remarkable is that he had been living in Europe, mom was on the West Coast of the United States and I had just moved to Dubai and was having an existential crisis. The phone call came on a day when I was really looking for answers. My answers came in the form of a Dolores Cannon YouTube video.

I watched it and then watched some more and before I knew it I watched all the videos about regression I could find. I was hooked. I was just looking into getting myself certified in Mrs. Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique course when I finally shared with my mom the extent of just how much that one little video changed my life. She wanted to pass my excitement along to “Santa” when we heard the news. My “Santa” had passed away. He passed within 24 hours of passing the baton on to me. His mission was completed and so he left this earth and I had been given the jewel that would inspire me for years to come.

I thank my “Santa” from the bottom of my heart and extend my gratitude for conspiring with the universe to grant me one last wish and point me in the direction of my mission for this lifetime.