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Quantum Clearing – Soul Healing Essentials

Quantum Clearing

Quantum Clearing incorporates Quantum Reiki bringing together a combination of reiki energy and an intuitive reading of the space. During this property cleansing a remote connection is made with the energy of the property and it is energetically cleansed including every room, front and back yards, garage, driveway, roof, etc.

Using the gifts of telepathy and clair/intuitive senses, the property is cleansed of entities or dense energies, residual energies of previous occupants and also of anything that transpired there that was not of the highest Source-Love-Light. This brings in a beautiful wave of pure Source-Love onto the property and the inhabitants feel it instantly. 

$110 per session

What are clair senses

Spiritual information is all around us and it is just a matter of interpreting the information. These are like radio frequencies one can tune into to get that information. A basic example of this is your gut feeling or using the “sixth sense” to understand what is around you and what you are feeling from it. Some of these clair senses include:

  • Clairvoyance – having clear seeing; seeing through the third eye flashes, images, or something like a movie film of what is happening in the past, present or future
  • Clairaudience – having clear hearing; hearing with the mind, not the ears, telepathic information which could be like a regular voice as if someone is speaking to them
  • Claircognizance – having clear knowing; receiving information or knowledge of something that in not actually known as if thoughts come out of nowhere, popping into the mind about something that might happen in the future
  • Clairsentience – having clear feeling; receiving information within which could mimic as having an anxiety attack the feeling comes from the chest or heart
  • Clairgustance – having clear tasting; tasting something that isn’t really there such as a clear taste in the mouth of something that isn’t being eaten
  • Clairalience – having clear smelling; smelling odors that are not present such as spices, perfumes, or smoke without their actual presence

How to prepare for a session and what to expect

A session takes approximately 90 minutes and includes two parts; the clearing followed by a review.

The practitioner connects to the space using photos, drawn floorplans and clair senses and performs the remote energy clearing. This is very much like a Quantum Reiki session on the property where reiki like energy is provided in order to loosen energy that does not belong or serve the occupants’ highest good. To the practitioner it is visually seen as a whirlwind of energy collecting what is released. During this time occupants may observe sounds, smells, electrical anomalies, energy shifts or pure silence as the energies within each space of the property is shifted and cleansed.

Required items include:

  • Floorplans of the property showing all spaces including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, garage, etc. – hand sketch is fine
  • A few photos of the interiors especially of the areas that feel “off”
  • White or gold candle
  • Palo Santo or sage – use palo santo if you want to remove negative energy and leave the positive energy which is perfect for an existing residence or office, use sage if you are ready for a fresh start in a new home or office location, above all, trust your intuition on which of these to use, you may need both
  • Black tourmaline, shungite, selenite, clear quartz or black onyx crystal – these can be placed around the home especially around windows and doors but trust your intuition on where to place them

The session is closed with a chat and review about the outcome, intuitive feedback or feelings observed throughout the session. Be sure that your computer camera and microphone is well positioned for the conversation with a strong zoom connection. Sage or palo santo is highly recommended to be used on the location after the clearing and on a regular basis to avoid new unwanted energies in the future. A crystal might help amplify the energy and visuals throughout the session.

$110 per session

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Quantum Clearing
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