We are Ali and Jenn and we welcome you to our S H E TALKS podcast, presented by Soul Healing Essentials. We will be diving into the Spiritual Depths of being, and walking the path between this human life and, everything and anything that is beyond us. Join us as we dive into boundless conversations with a variety of guests about spirituality and how we each integrate it into our everyday lives.

Ali of SHE Talks is the founder of Soul Healing Essentials and a Quantum Regression practitioner as well as Reiki Master. Ali guides the chakra guided meditations through Soul Healing Essentials online as well as the New Moon meditations through Beach Fitness. A 200hr registered Yoga Teacher, chakra explorer and Human Design enthusiast she is eager to share her journey of awakening and developing spiritual practice. A trained architect she further incorporates her experience with energy and gut instinct into her designs.

Jenn of SHE Talks is a Mind & Body enthusiast who enjoys interweaving a spiritual mindset into her active lifestyle to achieve holistic well-being. A lifelong athlete, she is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher and Level 1 Reiki Practitioner. She looks to incorporate meditation, breath work techniques and intention setting to her physical practices helping to bring the mind, physical body and energetic body into synergistic harmony.

Together we explore our combined interests to cultivate a community of like minds and create a platform for these like minds to feel safe in sharing their own experiences. We strive to connect and discover others on their journey of spiritual ascension.

Our latest episode of SHE Talks is now up and ready for your listening.

Stay tuned for future episodes:

  • Reiki and energy alignment
  • Breathwork and mindfulness
  • Frequency and vibration

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