The Akasha is a hall/library of records of all that has transpired for every single soul birthed within our Universe. Every life led, every action taken, every decision, every thought is recorded and sacredly maintained within the Akashic Hall of Records.  Protected by the Archangel gatekeepers of the records.

An Akashic Record Reading is perfect if you are not quite ready for a Quantum Regression session yet but curious about your soul, lives led, lessons learnt, timelines for your highest good, soul’s origin, life purpose, reason for illnesses, fears, habits, relationship dynamics or any guidance that your Higher Self, Galactic soul family and spirit guides are ready to share. Sacred symbols shared by them for you will be downloaded (if any), animal totem, mythical creatures around you guiding you will be brought to your attention as well as any teachings on how to further your gifts, assisting you in walking your most organic timeline.

Included with this channeled session is an energy sound bath.

A session takes approximately 90 minutes and includes three parts; a chat where the reasons for the session are explored, followed by a sound bath and a relaxing energy exchange where universal energy is transferred through the practitioner to the client and the information your higher self is ready to share is brought to the surface. The session is closed with a conversation about the intuitive feedback or feelings observed throughout the session.

Essential oils are helpful prior and during your session as well as sage or palo santo before and after. A crystal might help amplify the energy and visuals throughout the session. Most importantly be sure to have a comfortable space to sit and that your computer camera and microphone is well positioned throughout the session with a strong zoom connection.

Above all, have a wonderful experience and open up to the “what if” …

$111 per session

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Quantum Akashic Record Reading
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